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A home for
Sanatan Devotees...


सर्वेषां स्वस्तिर्भवतु । सर्वेषां शान्तिर्भवतु ।

सर्वेषां पूर्नं भवतु । सर्वेषां मड्गलं भवतु ॥

May there be happiness in all. May there be peace in all.

May there be completeness in all. May there be success in all. 


The Vedic Promise

Religious, Moral & Spiritual Rejuvenation

We, at Vedic Dham, believe in the ceremonious and scientific unison of human beings with the nature. Being at the helm of this project, we provide a holistic experience, a holy space, a destination which helps individuals to connect with their families, to strengthen their roots, live in harmony with nature and develop an understanding of Vedic traditions.
We are the integrated dham where guests are cared for and served with warm Vedic Indian hospitality.


Saray Miró Barberà

The best place in Rishikesh, it is located in a very quiet area, right next to “Little Buddha Cafe” and Laxman Jula. It also has great views, is located in front of the river and has its own Ghat and temple. The hotel is inspired in Vedic traditions, like strengthen their roots, live in harmony with nature and develop an understanding of Vedic traditions. That's why the food they offer, and the infrastructure, is the way it is. Every detail in the hotel has its explanation. I would like to highlight the kindness of Shefali, the manager, as well as Rajesh as the best assistant. They will make your wishes come true.

Shefali Gautam

Amazing place to stay and retreat. The food is made by maharaj and feels homely and with fixed vedic meals. Delicious Vegan Food. The Ganga ji facing room was just beautiful with a private balcony. You can go to ghat directly and come back to room with privacy and safety. A must visit if looking for peace and simplicity in Rishikesh. They have teachers for arious Vedic shastras. like classical Vocals, music instruments etc.

Vedic dham is one of the best place located in Rishikesh..The border of the dham touches the mother river ganaga which automatically turns the internal environment into positive surroundings....all the negative factors related with an individual who vist this place impulsively disappears due to the positivity which present within their dham...I thank Ms. Shefali for taking the initiative of building such a good holy place where we can feel the direct connection with god..The management of this place has effectively develop this dham which have numerous of positive point such as ganga view from the room, healthy food and various education regarding the traditional and old vedic culture of our country...At last, i want to thank all the staff member of this dham who just give their best service in order to make our visit memorable...

Standing true to its name , a tour of this place seems like a heritage walk into old Vedic times. Wonderful location with private access to Ganga ghat. The place is calm and relaxing. Food is amazing - simple sattvik bhojan. We had a great time here. Must visit.

Our Services

Cow sheds.jpeg

Vedic Cottages 

A perfect setting for vacation, family unions and individual rejuvenations. Our Vedic style cottages amplify the idea and traditional living with leisure and facilities like in room dining, music, and Vedic beverages. The baithak and the courtyard outside the room are accompanied by bonfire, snacks and sitting area to chill and relax your mind while having a good time with your family.


We have selected best cows consisting of more than 14 different Indian breads to create our cow sheds where there is no artificial insemination for breeding. These cows graze in our farms and pasture medicinal graces to produce the best quality of A2 milk which is available in our stores and found in our kitchen to prepare the food. We provide India’s best A2 milk, ghee & fresh cream.

Cuisine Philosophy

Our philosophy follows the truth of the quote, ‘’let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food’’. Vedic’s experience has its roots in age old traditions, which maintain and restore health, vitality and wellbeing. The cuisine at our dham uses 100% organic raw vegetables and fruits directly sourced from our Vedic farms, thus ensuring that only organic, local, seasonal and nutritionally rich ingredients are present in our cuisines.   



Mortality may one day consume every one of the acts performed by a human being but the acts of kindness will continue to live on forever. Thus, we applaud the generosity of our donors. Their support is the fuel that keeps our noble ambition afloat. 

Join us today in laying a foundation benefitting generations via the mission of our foundation to impart spiritual knowledge and restore the ancient wisdom.

One of the great initiative by Bakul Rajput 



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