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Mission & Philosophy

Sadhu with Prayer Beads

Do you know just like Humans, Plants also have consciousness? 

Thousands of years ago, ancient rishis lived in the forests with daily experiences of nature. These enlightened beings deeply understood the rhythm and cycles of nature and gifted us many secrets of agriculture and divine living techniques. Using these techniques and imbibing them in our day-to-day activities, we believe that a blissful living experience can be attained living a family life and in union with our loved ones. A holistic experience of Vedic living nourishing our mind, body and soul while having a leisure time with the family is the uniqueness of our dham.

We bring you food direct from our green Vedic farms, milk from finest cows in the world, teachings through logical explanation of sanatan dharmic practices, Yoga retreats, ayurvedic centres and an evening full of peace and serenity breathing the most oxygenated farms.  

A utopia for 21st century… 

Bakul Rajput Vision


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