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About Us

A lifestyle not an escape!

The Vedas are among the most ancient texts of Hinduism. We consider these texts as sacrosanct, as they are revelations made by ancient sages, after years of intense meditation. We believe in spreading the knowledge, the awareness and bringing people back to their roots so that they can be benefitted the most from the wisdom of Vedas.


We want to bring a lifestyle change in 21st century, promoting health and harmony with our flora and fauna and connecting deeper with ourselves and our surroundings.  


India's Vedic culture has made immense contribution to several fields of activity and has verily influenced the thinking process of the entire world. It has given the world advanced knowledge in music, art, astronomy, martial arts, yoga, philosophy, mathematics, science, holistic medicine in the form of Ayurveda, and much more.


We have it all and within your reach, in your city.  

A Home for Sanatan Devotees 🙏
Explore Vedic Life in Rishikesh 😇
Hotel near Laxman Jhula 🌉

An Initiative by Rajput Bakul

About The Founder

An Initiative by Rajput Bakul

Bringing the world of spirituality and entrepreneurship together, Mr. Bakul Rajput is the key creator of the project ‘Vedic Dham'. He is on a mission of bringing a revolution in India by building a community that lives in harmony with mother nature and believes in the Vedic wisdom.


With your gracious support, we aim at pushing the limits of human potential, learning to use the ancient traditions of our dharma in the 21st century and reviving the old styles of co-existing by bringing in the sense of togetherness and union via Vedic Dham.

Founder Bakul Rajput

Our Support System

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