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Our Services

Rajput Bakul

Vedic Villas

A perfect setting for vacation, family unions and individual rejuvenations. Our Vedic style cottages amplify the idea and traditional living with leisure and facilities like in room dining, music, and Vedic beverages. The baithak and the courtyard outside the room are accompanied by bonfire, snacks and sitting area to chill and relax your mind while having a good time with your family.

Cow sheds.jpeg


We have selected best cows consisting of more than 14 different Indian breads to create our cow shed where there is no artificial insemination for breeding the cows as we believe in harmony with nature. India’s best A2 Vedic milk, ghee, fresh creams along with cow gazing can be found in our dham all over India.

Farmer's Market

We celebrate our farmers and we believe in empowering them through sales and awareness programs organized in our dham. Every Sunday, an open farmer’s market is organized where people (Member’s / Non members) can visit and buy the fresh produce directly from farmer’s.

Seasonal Market

Cuisine Philosophy

The cuisine at our dham uses 100% organic raw vegetables and fruits directly sourced from our Vedic farms. We recognize the healing power of earth’s medicine in the form of plant based ingredients & hence only use farm fresh plants from our own organic farms supply to Vedic’s kitchens.

Vedic farms.jpeg

Vedic farms

Agriculture was known to us since Vedic times. We believe in the consciousness of the plants and therefore follow Vedic farming techniques. The bio-fertilizers and pesticides are made up of cow dung, urine and ghee of desi cows. The produce of our Vedic farms us sent directly to our kitchens and served on our guest’s platter.


Our Library shall organize reading camps, storytelling sessions, spoken word competitions in order to preserve the traditional practices. Books coming from various parts of the world, rare editions and must know mythological story books will be present in our library. Focusing on the rich history of India and Vedas, the books will be our prime wealth.


Art Gallery

At Vedic dham, members are benefitted through our gatherings and get-together programs through fairs like organizing ‘Virasat’ (eclectic mixture of all aspects of Indian Cultural Heritage, the annual Classical and Folk Arts Extravaganza). Vedic paintings, CD’s, Videos, Pictures and other souvenirs can be purchased from our art gallery.

Art Gallery.jpeg

Vedic Festivities

For us, every day is a celebration. Uniting people and celebrating with the aim of preserving the traditional practices and educating the younger generation is the idea of Vedic Celebration.

Martial Arts & Sports

Vedic sports dham believes in educating children through the medium of sports. Through our workshops and camp activities like Chess, Archery, pottery, sculpting, painting, Kalari which originates from our motherland are conducted by professional experts in our dham. 

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