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All you need to know about Vedic Dham-Ganga

Vedic Dham-Ganga was inaugurated on 6th March 2022 in Rishikesh. Mr. Rajput Bakul, the visionary behind the Intercultural Foundation for Vedic Living, came up with the idea of private Vedic Dham all across the country and overseas after realising its importance in today's fast-paced world as a need of an hour. Vedic life provide you with a better understanding of Ancient Vedic practices for the future generations to understand the scientific approach behind it. We thrive to bring the revolution and work hard to

change the orthodox mindsets. Our main motto is to reveal several unexplored topics on Indian History and Spirituality which aims to give a scientific explanation

behind religious practices.

Click here to watch the inauguration video also check what Yash Birla has to say about his experience with Vedic Dham-Ganga here

Vedic Dham-Ganga
Vedic Dham-Ganga

Since the inauguration, Vedic Dham-Ganga has been blessed with a lot of great personalities. Malini Ramathe ni was one of them who conducted a blissful event on the banks of Ganges.

Goa Gil, one of the most famous names in the Trans music scene, is sitting at the bankes of Ganges, at a place called Vedic Dham-Ganga. He talks about his life and reveals unique techniques to learn how to meditate, Bakul Rajput explains everything related to vedic life & tradition

Mridang Guru Pagal Das Ji Maharaj. Vishwa Kala Sangeet Ashram, Ayodhya. Vedic Life Bakul Rajput with Mridang Guru Pagal Das Ji Maharaj sat and sang a melody. It is always a treat to watch Maharaj with his dholki and sharing his all years of experience.

Swami Balyogi Premvarni ji Maharaj sharing his views about Himalayas and Ganga mentioned in the Bhagwat Gita by the words straight from Krishna

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Asanganand Saraswati Maharaj

Besides lot of events and activities, Vedic Dham also provides affordable stays in our theme-based Dham. Customers can choose from single, double or triple bedrooms click here for a glimpse of the rooms and enjoy the stay which is located at the bank of Gange's.

Vedic Dham Ganga Room View
Vedic Dham Ganga Room View

Here are some of the customer reviews posted on Google, after enjoying an incredible stay in Vedic Dham-Ganga, Rishikesh.

With 4.9/5 customers wrote exceptionally well to describe all their experiences with Vedic Dham Ganga.

Check here

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